Tuesday, August 20, 2019
St. Andrew's small group ministry helps you become LINK'd for growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Small groups allow more in-depth study with a less threatening atmosphere for candid discussion and developing relationships that last a lifetime.

Small groups have four elements:
  • Fellowship
  • Service
  • Bible study
  • Spiritual growth
All groups are expected to engage in some type of mission or service effort and are encouraged to foster growth by starting new groups.

Logos and Life Groups
St. Andrew's has two types of small groups:

Logos Groups: logos means "word" in Greek. These groups focus primarily on Bible study. St. Andrew's offers studies that are both short and long term, basic and in-depth.

Life Groups: These groups organize around life issues and fellowship. Life groups might be formed for support, encouragement or learning skills for dealing with real life situations in the 21st century. Life groups will look at biblical ways to live in these situations and offer the support of others with similar interest and circumstances.

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